Kayak trips across St. Petersburg is a unique chance to see historical centre of the city from different angle. Kayak is a relatively new activity for St. Petersburg. They appeared in 2016 and thanks to AhtiLahti became well loved by locals and tourist. This is a great combination of active water leisure and spectacular city views.

Kayaking in St.Petersburg
City kayaking St.Petersburg
Kayakong in St. Petersburg in the morning
Kayaking trips in St. Petersburg in the evening

Historical center

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Park islands

2000 RUR

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Big circle

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Evening trips

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- persons under the age of 14 cannot participate in our trips;

persons, aged 14 - 18 can participate in our trips only if accompanied by parents;
- persons under influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs are not allowed to participate in our trips;
- taking of alcohol and narcotic drugs during our trips are strictly prohibited. This is  not only for your own safety but also that of others;
- due to engineering aspects of our kayaks, at the moment we cannot take to our trips people weighting over 100 kg and people with hip width exceeding 115 cm.



There are no special training requirements for trips’ participants. But you should remember that this is an ACTIVE leisure, so general physical preparedness will be very useful.


To participate in the trips no special gear and clothes are needed. We will provide you with kayaks, paddles, live-jackets and water resistant jackets. We advise you have:

- comfortable sport shoes;
- comfortable pants;
- extra pants (in case you will get soaked);
- t-shirt and fleece jacket;
- baseball cap;
- sunglasses;
- gloves.



- every trip is guided by an experienced, especially trained instructor with official first aid certification;
- groups of 9 and more people are guided by two instructors, maintaining radio contact;
- every participant gets a life-jacket of his size;
- every participant passes a safety training before a trip;
- routes and starting time of the trips were estimated to avoid high traffic on rivers and canals;
- two-seat frame-inflated kayaks that are easy to steer, stable and almost unsinkable.

Still have questions? Write to us and we will be happy to answer them!

Call us +7 911 701 7151