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Kayaking in the northern capital of Russia
Our kayak tours in St. Petersburg are a unique opportunity to discover an unusual perspective of the city you love. It was only quite recently, in April 2016, that, thanks to our efforts, kayaking first took shape in St. Petersburg as a locally available activity, but since that time, quite a few people, locals and visitors alike, have grown to love it. A kayak trip around St. Petersburg is a great recreational experience combined with the indulgence of taking in the magnificent views of the city!

Striving to make our tours as comfortable as possible for a wide range of participants, we have come up with a few types of kayaking itineraries for St. Petersburg: we have specific offerings for morning, afternoon, and evening hours; for weekdays and for weekends.
OOO Ahtilahti is the founder of the St. Petersburg Rowing Association and the originator of the kayak trips St. Petersburg tour product line.
Unsinkable and stable Aleutian-style kayaks (baidarkas), high-quality life jackets, certified guides/instructors.
Each year, our kayak tours are enjoyed by more than 1000 people, both locals and guests of the city, including corporate clients.
We carry all the relevant approvals from the Transport Committee of the Government of St. Petersburg in respect of our itineraries and our operations.

Kayaker routes in St. Petersburg

Historic Center
Start time: 06:30 am
Time on board the kayak: 90 minutes
Length: 5 km
Difficulty: Easy (perfect for beginners)

RUB 1950
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Morning on the Neva river
Start time: 10:00 am
Time on board the kayak: 90 minutes
Length: 5 km
Difficulty: Easy

RUB 1950
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Park Islands
Start time: 2:30 pm
Time on board the kayak: 2 hours
Length: 6 km
Difficulty: Easy (perfect for beginners)

RUB 1950
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Evening on the Neva river
Start time: 7:30 pm
Time on board the kayak: 90 minutes
Length: 5 km
Difficulty: Easy

RUB 1950
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How to buy?

Pick an trip
This season we are organizing 4 kayaking itineraries in St. Petersburg, which will be of interest to beginners and experienced rowers alike.
Figure out the date
Our tours run daily; you can find the current schedule for the week published across our social media feeds: on VK, Facebook, and Instagram.
Pay by card
A click on the "Booking and pay" button will open a window where you can select the date of participation and the number of tickets required as well as pay for the tour using your credit or debit card.
— We offer a 20% discount for organized groups of 5 or more people. Show up with your friends or arrange a corporate event with your colleagues: it’s more fun and cheaper! Enter the promo code "СКИДКА" (copy the word) when paying through our website.

— persons under the age of 14 cannot participate in our trips;
persons, aged 14 — 18 can participate in our trips only if accompanied by parents;
 — persons under influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs are not allowed to participate in our trips;
 — taking of alcohol and narcotic drugs during our trips are strictly prohibited. This is not only for your own safety but also that of others;
 — due to engineering aspects of our kayaks, at the moment we cannot take to our trips people weighting over 120 kg and people with hip width exceeding 125 cm.
— every trip is guided by an experienced, especially trained instructor with official first aid certification;
 — groups of 9 and more people are guided by two instructors, maintaining radio contact;
 — every participant gets a life-jacket of his size;
 — every participant passes a safety training before a trip;
 — routes and starting time of the trips were estimated to avoid high traffic on rivers and canals;
 — two-seat frame-inflated kayaks that are easy to steer, stable and almost unsinkable.
There are no special training requirements for trips' participants. But you should remember that this is an ACTIVE leisure, so general physical preparedness will be very useful.
To participate in the trips no special gear and clothes are needed. We will provide you with kayaks, paddles, live-jackets and water resistant jackets. We advise you have:
 — comfortable sport shoes;
 — comfortable pants;
 — extra pants (in case you will get soaked);
 — t-shirt and fleece jacket;
 — baseball cap;
 — sunglasses;
 — gloves.

ATTENTION! Routes are subject to change if:
 — changes in the city government’s order of movement of boats on the rivers and canals of the city;
 — carrying out repair work, causing a complete or partial overlap of the river or channel along the course of the group;
 — by decision of the guide, in case of adverse weather conditions (wind force of 15 m / s or thunderstorm);
 — by decision of the guide, in order to prevent or in case of an emergency that threatens the life and health of the tour participants
After clicking on the "Booking and pay" button, a window will open in which you need to select the date of the walk, the number of tickets, write the necessary information and pay for the tour with a credit card.
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