Kayaking in the historic center is ultimate city kayaking experience you can get in St. Petersburg. While not much of a challenge for kayakers, this itinerary is quite impressive as it runs through the very heart of the Northern Capital offering great views of its famous sightseeing attractions: the Field of Mars and Chizhik Pyzhik, the Summer and Mikhailovsky Gardens, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, and the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Looking for things to do in St. Petersburg? Mulling over gift ideas to make your friend happy? Considering a team building event with your office crowd or just a get-together with your old friends? Hungry for something new? Our kayak tour is a great opportunity to take a look at St. Pete from a new angle, to learn some kayak handling skills under the supervision of an experienced instructor, and just to have a jolly good time!

Each year, more than 1000 people trust Ahtilahti when choosing a kayak tour in St. Petersburg.

We welcome you, too, to join them!
Tour type
RUB 1950
Price per person
5 km
Start time
- We offer a 20% discount for organized groups of 5 or more people. Show up with your friends or arrange a corporate event with your colleagues: it's more fun and cheaper! Enter the promo code "СКИДКА" (copy the word) when paying through our website.

- We guarantee the best price. Have you found a similar tour for cheaper? Feel free to write to us at go@ahtilahti.ru, and we will make a better offer!

Tour schedule
This itinerary departs daily. Individual tours can be arranged as agreed.
How to pay
After clicking on the "Booking and pay" button, a window will open in which you need to select the date of the walk, the number of tickets, write the necessary information and pay for the tour with a credit card.

IMPORTANT! By making the payment you agree to the terms and conditions of and unconditionally accept the public offer made by Ahtilahti (only in Russian).
— All groups are accompanied by an instructor who has extensive experience in the travel industry, has received special training, and carries a first aid certificate.
— Groups comprised of more than 9 participants are accompanied by two instructors each, who maintain on-the-go radio communications with one another
— Each participant is issued a PFD individually selected to match his or her body proportions
— Before embarking of the tour, all participants go through a safety induction session
— Routes and time of start of tours calculated so as to avoid swimming in high traffic of ships on rivers and canals St. Petersburg. Our activities are duly approved by local authorities
— For our tours we use Aleutian-style double-seater kayaks featuring a hybrid folding/inflatable design: these boats are easy to handle, stable, and almost unsinkable.
— Persons under the age of 14 are not allowed to participate in the tour
— Persons aged 14 through 18 are not allowed to participate unless they are accompanied by their parents
— Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed to participate in the tour
— Drinking alcoholic beverages or using illegal drugs while on our tours is prohibited. This is both a safety measure and an effort to provide cultural recreation.
— Persons weighing more than 120 kg and/or measuring more than 125 cm around the hips are not allowed to participate in the tour. These limitations are due to the design features of the kayaks.
There are no special physical fitness requirements.

We provide our groups with things they will need most on this tour—they are equipped with kayaks, paddles, life jackets, and waterproof jackets. We recommend you take along all of the following:
— Comfortable sports shoes
— Non-constraining pants
— Spare pants to use if you get wet
— A T-shirt and a sweatshirt
— A cap
— Gloves that are good for rowing (cycling, neoprene, or just regular
builder's gloves will do)
Possible changes
Please bear in mind that our itineraries may be changed if:
— The city's authorities change the traffic management procedure for the rivers and canals of the city;
— Any repair work is carried out due to which a river or canal on the group's itinerary is completely or partially closed to traffic;
— The guide decides so in the face of adverse weather conditions (strong wind of 15 m/s or more, a thunderstorm);
— The guide decides so to prevent or respond to an emergency that threatens the life and health of the tour participants.
About Ahtilahti
Ahtilahti is the company that pioneered the kayak touring business in the historic center of St. Petersburg. We are the first company to make this recreational activity available in the Northern Capital of Russia, to its residents and visitors alike. Retaining our leadership in this segment of the travel services market, we are always busy improving the organization of our programs, upgrading our service levels, and working on new destinations for kayaking adventures in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.
Our kayak tours on the Neva and within St. Petersburg are official and legal. Ahtilahti is the founder and a member of the St. Petersburg Rowing Association.
IMPORTANT! By making the payment you agree to the terms and conditions of and unconditionally accept the public offer made by Ahtilahti.

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